• Time:
  • Cochin
  • 1000 INR Per person

6 of us went to see Jasmin prepare authentic Kerala cuisine. In a little under 3 hours Jasmin cooked 2 fish dishes, a prawn curry, a dal dish and 4 veg curries, plus a dal pakora snack. Even though we played no part in the cooking, Jasmin explained very clearly what she was doing, helped by her husband Stanley and 3 year old Enoch. At the end of the preparation we six guests were left alone to enjoy the food, and what a wonderful banquet it was. We had mentioned that it would be nice to have a beer with dinner so Stanley even went out and bought 4 bottles of beer for us to enjoy with our meal. The cost of the class and meal was maybe twice what you would pay on the street for a meal alone, but watching a wonderful cook prepare and serve the food in the kitchen of her own home was worth a lot more than that.

Excellent cooking class My husband and I were lucky enough to spend an evening with Jasmin. We learnt how to make 6 keralan dishes. We could have made it more hands on but decided to sit back and take notes and watch Jasmin’s mastery. The food was amazing and Jasmin and her husband Stanley were excellent hosts. Highly recommend it. They also run a Homestay so you could eat Jasmin’s amazing food morning and night if you stayed!

Delightful cooking class In a last effort to see and learn as much as I could about Kerala cuisine I arranged to have breakfast with Jasmine and her family. I really wanted to learn about the traditional breakfast foods eaten in Kerala. Thou I didn’t specifically cook I watched Jasmine like a hawk and I freely asked questions about the food preparation even the day-to-day life of people in the area. The Puttu and Chickpea Curry she prepared looked amazing and was perfectly seasoned. I loved seeing all the unique equipment used in the food preparation. Thank you Jasmine you made my inner chef very happy.

Get the right touch of the Kerala kitchen at Jasmin Villa We had a very interesting cooking lesson with Jasmin. She is very experienced and tough us a lot about different dishes and the basic of the Kerala cuisine. We now have a good idea of how spices and other ingredients are being used. Despite our cooking class we’ll never be able to cook as delicious food as we got at Jasmin Villa