• Daily
    Time: 09:00 Hrs - 17:00 Hrs (half an hour session)
  • Jodhpur
  • 2000 INR Per person
    Inclusion: A adventurous time
    Exclusion: Personal expenses

When in Jodhpur, Flying Fox offer just the thing for those seeking some thrill. It is an establishment known for their secure standards of Zip Lining over the famed Mehrangarh Fort. The activity starts right at the heart of the fort and lasts anywhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. Flying Fox ensures that two of their professional instructors are with you through the course of the activity. Guests also get a complete demonstration prior to the activity, along with a practice session on a mini zip. Flying Fox offer 6 different zip lining tours conducted between 09:00 AM and 04:30 PM. Their first zip is the Chokelao Challenge which covers a distance of 115 meters. This particular tour lets guests glide over the Chokelao garden. They also have a tour which is as short as 70 meters. For those willing to go all the way, there’s The Magnificent Marwar, a tour which covers a distance of 300 meters. It provides guests an opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of 2 beautiful lakes.

Zip lining over the Mehranghar fort in Jodphur was one of the most memorable experiences in Jodhpur! I was initially not too sure about it, fearing the heights, but the guys working there were so kind and completely eased my mind. They also told me it was a British owned company and they had never had any accidents.We started with a short training on a zip line above ground to learn the right postures for departure and how to slow down when arriving to the platform on the other end. There were about 6 stretches, the last one being the longest and the most beautiful with sights of the fort ahead of you, a lake below you and the blue city on your right. It was absolutely stunning!I felt completely on top of the world and so peaceful - soaring through the sky and seeing all these beautiful sights. Next time I am back in Jodhpur I will most definitely go back to do this again!

Incredible experience!The ziplining absolutely made the visit to Mehrangarh Fort... the Fort was awesome, don't get me wrong, but the views from the zip lines were incredible and the ziplining itself was SUCH a thrill! As someone who doesn't like heights, I was apprehensive but after the first zip, I was hooked! It was so much fun!!! The guides were really nice too. We went first thing in the morning when it wasn't too hot. When you visit the Fort, you should definitely do the zipline as well!

Unique view of Jodhpur... at speedThis was a really cool way to start our day. Cruising from platform to platform at high speeds taking in views of the fort, the blue city and surrounding desert. The zip-lining itself is easy and fun and they give an adequate, albeit brief,safety overview before you head out, so we felt comfortable. (This was the first zip line we had encountered where you use your own hand to brake). The staff were a bit underwhelming and hurriedly moved our group through the numerous zip lines, not really engaging with us in any way except to remind us of the procedures. If they had injected a bit of personality or humour they could make this activity really special. They didn’t even tell us their names. The whole thing, as a result, felt a bit sterile when it could have been outstanding.

Great experience and a good zip teamFun experience which offers you great look over the blue city, the fort and lake around it. The company is well established and runs a good set up, you need to register for a time slot so be prepared to get back to the start point hours after booking. Two guys showed us how to zip on a practice line, both guys were laid back and easy to understand and just made the whole exp relaxed and fun. Went on 6 zip lines around one side of the complex, it was around 45 mins to do all the line with 3 of us. The courae isnt difficult or daunting in anyway and I am a first timer. Its worth doing for 1900 as it offers something different in seing a city, zip lining is rare to find in India so it's a good option for this city.

All bookings are for a specific zip tour time & date. You must arrive at the Flying Fox site office at least 30 minutes before your zip tour starts. We cannot accommodate late arrivals. You will not receive a refund if you miss your zip tour.
A full zip tour of 12 people will last approx. 2 hours at Neemrana & Kikar, 1.5 hours at Jodhpur and 1 hour at Rishikesh.
No age restrictions. Minimum height – 1.4m (4ft 7″).
Maximum weight – 18 stones (115kg).
Participants must wear closed-toe shoes, shorts or trousers and tie back long hair.
All children under 18 years require a parent or guardian’s signed permission on their Disclaimer
All children aged under 16 years must be supervised on the zip tour by a participating parent or guardian at all times. One adult can supervise up to eleven under-16 year olds.
Children aged 16-17 years may zip unsupervised by a participating parent or guardian.
Students availing of a student rate ticket must provide valid ID to prove their age (18-24 years); failure to do so will result in the full adult rate being charged.
All adult participants must sign a Standard Risk Acknowledgment & Disclaimer form before departing. All children under 18 years must be named on the Disclaimer form and signed for by their parent or guardian. Children cannot participate without the signed consent of their parent or guardian.
Any child accompanied by a supervising adult, who is not their parent or guardian, must present at the time of doing the tour a completed and signed hard copy of the Disclaimer –minor accompanied by non-parent form.
The Activities are not without risk of injury or danger. You must give the instructors your full attention and follow their instructions at all times. Flying Fox is not liable for any loss if you fail to follow written or spoken safety instructions.
The Activities involve often physically demanding treks up one or more hills or between landing and launch points, followed by a series of challenging zip lines, sometimes in extreme heat. A reasonable degree of physical fitness is required.
If you have a pre-existing medical condition (e.g. asthma, vertigo, high blood pressure, joint / muscle / heart problems) which may be aggravated by the Activities you must consult your doctor in advance; if you still wish to participate you must inform the site manager and complete an Existing Medical Condition form. Flying Fox reserves the right to refuse admission.
The consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to or during the Activities is strictly prohibited. Participants who are deemed to be intoxicated will be refused admission.
Smoking while wearing the Personal Protective Equipment is strictly prohibited.
We regret that pregnant women are not permitted to take part in the Activities.
Flying Fox is able to provide storage for personal belongings but the responsibility for such items remains solely with the customer
Flying Fox cannot operate in certain weather (e.g. high wind, low visibility, electrical storms). If your zip tour is cancelled for this reason, we will rebook you or issue you a gift voucher.
Cancellations and amendments must be made either by emailing support@flyingfox.asia, or calling +91 (0)116-610-3678 before 4pm the day prior to your activity, and are subject to a Rs 500 per person cancellation fee. No refund is payable for cancellations made after 4pm the day prior to your activity.
Flying Fox tickets are strictly non-transferable and not for re-sale.