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Weather in India in May
Weather in India in May

The weather in May can make it a terrible time to follow the usual routes, whether it’s the Golden triangle or the Goan beaches. Temperatures soar and humidity beats down oppressively as the monsoon gathers force to break in June. Even if the rain comes early, it doesn’t bring lasting coolness for a few weeks at least. It alternates instead between heavy, endless downpours and scorching heat that has mist rising of the streets in seconds. At first glance, it would seem like a trip in this month would be an absolute disaster. The weather in May takes no prisoners.

Or is it?

Look a little closer and you’ll realize that this unforgiving heat has a little silver lining. As the snow melts away in the upper passes, great swathes of the Himalaya suddenly become accessible by road. It’s the best kind of trip aesthetically, considering the charming routes. Even for your health,since the gradual ascension can save you from debilitating altitude sickness.

The snow never clears completely, so there’s still a beautiful blanket across the valleys. Still, the cold is reduced to a lovely, gentle chill. The world up there is completely different. It’s a side of India that’s absolutely cut-off to visitors for the rest of the year. It just goes to show, there’s never a bad time to be in India.