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Weather in India in September
Weather in India in September

An overview of Weather in India in September

What is the weather in India in September like?

Most travelers don’t know it, but September is a great month to visit India. It marks the last month of the monsoons. It usually means lighter rains or heavy rains but only in short spurts. Overall India in September is drier and sunnier than the months of July and August. It is also the last ‘off-season month’ for hotels in India. Hotels in India offer fabulous discounts during off-season.

North India is drier than South India. Kerala can still receive persistent showers during the month of September.

Weather in North India in September

North India is a great region to visit in the month of September. The rains are usually light and in short spells. The countryside comes alive in shades of green, the rivers and lakes are teeming with water. The days are sunny and the temperature can vary from being pleasantly warm to hot. Never too cold, even at night.

Overall, the rains are hardly an obstacle in North India and more so in the month of September. Off-season rates, low number of tourists and sunny days make North India a great region to tour in September.

A lot of the touristy activities would not have kicked off yet. For instance, in Jaisalmer you may not be able to do an overnight camel safari as it is still off-season. All National parks in India only open towards the start or the middle of October.

Weather in the Himalayas in September

September is considered to be the post-monsoon month for the Himalayas. It means clear weather with no or less chances of rain and temperatures that are pleasant without being too cold. Visibility in the Himlayas of the distant peaks is best during the post monsoon months. (i.e. September onwards). September is a great time to relax at a Himalyan hill station or set out on treks.

Weather in South India in September

Depending on which part of South India you are touring you will encounter either little or a lot of rain. Kerala is usually still very wet during the month of September. Very pretty as it is very green, but heavy rains are common. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are usually dry during the month of September. The days are sunny and hot.

Weather in Goa in March

September is quite an in between month to be in Goa. It can be wet, but showers are not as heavy. You can get a week of little or no rain and very sunny days too. However, the waters are still rough during the month of September. South Goa is still very dead as it is off-season. North Goa would slowly be kicking into action with shacks, restaurants and activities opening up.

India Someday recommendations for traveling in India in September:

With off-season rates and a lower number of tourists, September is a great month to tour India. North India and the Himalayas would be the best region to tour. However, a South India tour of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is perfectly possible. One can still look at spending a little time in Kerala and or Goa as it can be very pretty.