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Sarah’s Two week Backpacking North India Tour
Sarah’s Two week Backpacking North India Tour

Sarah wanted to explore North India on her first trip.  She set off across Agra and Rajasthan, all places that are rich in culture, heritage and history. The trip started in the political capital Delhi and then Sarah visited the Taj Mahal (because it’s India and you can’t not see the Taj!).

She then traveled to Rajasthan, a state known for its forts, palaces, colorful turbans, sarees and great food. This route was ideal for Sarah as it was her first time (to India).

In Sarah’s own words, “I found India Someday just after googling backpacking in North India and I’m so glad I did!”

India someday helped plan the trip without creating a strict, binding itinerary. Sarah explained that she was a solo female backpacker on a budget, but we worked it out! We figured out a great itinerary well within her budget. You can read the rest of her testimonial here.

So if you’re looking for a great trip but you’re worried about costs, procedures or safety, get in touch, and we’ll handle it!

This trip to North India can be modified to fit any budget. Below you’ll find approximate costs for different types of travelers and an example of an itinerary. If you have a fixed time period, then we’ll add or remove destinations accordingly.