In qualche modo suona più spaventoso che viaggiare da soli, ma viaggiare con un gruppo di estranei che hai appena incontrato può essere enormemente liberatorio. Con la tecnologia moderna, non è difficile eseguire un controllo in background rapido, se non approfondito, in pochi secondi.

Se viaggi con un gruppo di estranei, avrai sempre gli organizzatori su cui fare affidamento. Ma cosa rende meglio che fare tutto da solo invece di viaggiare con persone che conosci e ami?

Prima di tutto, è tanto un percorso alla scoperta di sé quanto viaggiare da soli. Presentazioni e relazioni costanti con persone al di fuori della tua zona di comfort ti costringono a definire te stesso e testare qualsiasi concetto di te stesso con cui hai lavorato per tutto questo tempo.

È improbabile che le persone che non sanno se ti rivedranno di nuovo in punta di piedi intorno ai tuoi sentimenti, ed è più probabile che ti diano un riflesso onesto di te stesso rispetto ai tuoi amici intimi. La quinta volta che dici a qualcuno che sei un avido lettore, potrebbe capitarti di non aprire un libro da un po’.

Ancora più importante, puoi reinventare te stesso o semplicemente far emergere le sfumature che potresti aver tenuto nascoste perché semplicemente non si adattavano a chi la tua famiglia o i tuoi amici pensavano che dovessi essere.

Start travelling! (Photo Credit – Avel Chuklanov)

Now get out there and travel. And if you’re still not ready for it, here are some tips to help you work up the nerve.

Don’t hesitate

The great thing about travelling with strangers/semi-solo is that you don’t have to wait for anybody else. If your buddies can’t seem to line up their work leave with yours, or a roommate just can’t seem to save up as fast as you, just pack your bags and hit the road.

The best part is, when it comes to travelling with strangers, this never ends.  If you’ve made some friends in a new city and you’ve been exploring with them for nearly a week, they may start to fray your nerves a bit.

Just say your goodbyes and move on. Making lasting connections while travelling doesn’t mean hanging around and being polite when you’d rather just be gone.

Simply pack your bags and hit the road (Photo Credit – นิธิ วีระสันติ)

If you are a backpacker, here are a few tips whilst travelling in India.

Make the first move

As you start your first hesitant introductions, your people skills are getting ready to soar through the roof. It’s no cakewalk starting a conversation with a bunch of strangers, even if you have been forced together by fate, or an overzealous travel company.

Soon you’ll be able to gauge body language and facial expressions, even broaden your knowledge of cultural differences in socialising. If nothing else, you may just find out what pick-up line or ice-breaker works best for you. A skill that’s sure to come in handy later on.

Don’t be hesitant to introduce yourself first (Photo Credit – Alexis Brown)

Have a little faith

Granted, these are strangers you’re travelling with, but they’re here for much the same reasons as you. Just like you, they too are often in the same delirious state between being overjoyed and exhausted.

They may not be the people you hung around with in diapers, but you’ve got to trust a little bit and open up if you want some genuine human contact.

Little faith and trust will help you build up genuine connections and memories for life (Photo Credit – Roberto Nickson)

Here are a few emergency helping numbers in India that will be useful on your trip.

Forgive and forget

Did you proudly interrupt the guide to share a fact that they later scathingly proved incorrect? Did you have one too many at the bar crawl and throw up on not one but all three of your shiny new friends? Who cares!

What’s past is past and you’re never going to see them again anyway. Lock it away in your secret wild nights and terrible shames box.

Forget the negatives & enjoy the positive! (Photo Credit – StockSnap)

Don’t be afraid to shut the door

Unlike your long term friends who’d think nothing of barging in on you for a casual chat at 3 in the morning, or take offence if you change plans without warning, your new friends are still going to maintain some polite boundaries.

Head out on the city with just your camera in tow and expect bright smiles and welcoming arms when you make it back for 8 o’clock drinks.

New friends have less expectations and will always welcome you with bright smiles (Photo Credit – Helena Lopes)

There is safety in numbers

We are not talking group size, but age. For starters, the body’s capabilities change with age, and you don’t want to be left standing awkwardly off to one side as the 20-somethings jump screaming into the white water rafts.

You’re already being thrown into a chaotic world of strangers, all new sights and sounds and smells. So it’s good to have someone around who’s processing it at the same pace as you.

Opt for age-category specific tours. This isn’t anywhere close to a fast rule though, those who can break it, know who they are.

Opt for a group with same-age category to enjoy your trip to the fullest (Photo Credit – Matheus Ferrero)

If you are a woman and are a little skeptical about travelling alone to India. Here are a few tips for solo female travellers.

Have something to share with your fellow travellers

It’s good to come to the table prepared with something that can help cement your place in the group. Don’t hesitate to share a kickass playlist, home-cooked snacks or riveting stories as they also act as an ice-breaker.

Sharing food, drinks and ideas makes the best evening (Photo Credit – Kelly Sikkema)

Be on time

If you’ve made a plan to be somewhere, stick to it. Your new friends may not be comfortable calling you over and over again to wake you up or otherwise check on you, and you shouldn’t cost them their trip as well.

They’re either going to just leave you behind or never invite you anywhere again. Be careful what you sign up for.

Since you’re less likely to be seeking approval from your temporary friends, you’re less likely to get peer pressured into any activities you won’t enjoy. If you think you’re going to hold back the group, just say no.

Be on time! (Photo Credit – Sanah Suvarna)

Here is our blog which talks about our top ten tips for travelling solo in India. In case you are not sure if you are a group traveller or solo traveller, here is a blog that will help you understand your travel style. Are you ready for it? Feel free to contact us for more details and travel plans.


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