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Rajasthan – A tryst with royalty
Rajasthan – A tryst with royalty

When you think of India, Rajasthan is probably the first word to come to your mind, after the Taj Mahal of course! Known for its massive forts, culturally and historically rich cities, and being very tourist friendly, Rajasthan  is surrounded by the Great Indian Desert and nation’s oldest hills – the Aravali ranges. Its history is moulded from the valour of the ancient Rajputs and the impressions wrought by the Mughal invasions.

A land of little water, Rajasthan’s response to its arid climate has been the creation of thbeautiful lakes, tanks and step-wells. To combat the lack of colour in their environment, the people showcase colourful and vibrant clothing. This can also be seen in the sheer variety of handicrafts, art, cloth and semi-precious stones that are sold in its curious bazaars and stores.

Other than the historical forts and colour-coded cities (blue, pink and gold), you can also find a national park replete with tigers, a religious and spiritual oasis, and a chance to explore the desert. Rajasthan also offers a great range of hotels, from charming home stays (Hem Guest House, Jodhpur) to luxury heritage hotels (Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur). This is probably the reason why every third international traveler in India tours Rajasthan.

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