Clichés : Quelle est la vraie Inde?

Clichés: in India

Clichés: In India.

You are going to visit India for the first time, and you know nothing about the country, except what your friends have told you or what you hear in the media.

Let’s check together if all the snapshots you’ve heard are correct.

India is a very dirty country?

Clichés: In India – Your friends told you that you would be welcomed in a cloud of dirt and dust and it scares you. But is it true? Not quite. In some regions it is the case but would it be fair to generalize everything? It is true that non-concrete areas are often dusty. On the other hand, the tourist places are always clean. We advise to put aside these prejudices and enjoy your stay.

Indian people speak Indian?

True ? False? India is such a big country that it is often called a subcontinent and for good reason! You would be impressed by the simple enumeration of the regions, religions and cultures that coexist in India! In such a vast territory, the languages ​​spoken also change each time you change region. It is estimated that there are currently hundreds of languages ​​and dialects spoken in India but only 22 of them are official languages ​​(English is one of them). Of course, nobody speaks Indian and the national language is Hindi.

Map of languages ​​in India Map of languages ​​in (source:

Oh dear, India is a poor country!

We have already seen that India is a country of contrasts. It is true that the economic gap in the country is enormous. While a large part of India’s population still lives below the poverty line, there are a number of very influential men of influence. The names of Ambani, Tata and Birla may already be familiar to you? This contrast is especially striking in major cities because you will see millionaires and people living in shanty towns. Know that India is one of the countries that has not been affected by the recession or the crisis.

This is the land of snake charmers?

We hope you did not believe it.

Stereotype on India Stereotype on India

All Indians are Hindu?

In India, you will realize that it is possible to create unity while keeping diversity. Hinduism is indeed the main religion of the country but there are many others such as Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism. All religions enjoy equal status in the constitution of India.

All Indians are vegetarians.

Indian cuisine is very rich. You will find a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.

There are cows everywhere, even in the streets.

Cow in Mumbai Clichés: in India-Cow in Mumbai

It is true ! We love cows and we take great care of them! You’ll find them everywhere, and maybe even on highways. In any case, we advise you not to drive too much in India because in addition to cows on public roads, car traffic can be difficult to manage in general. In recent years, cows have been somewhat hunted from big cities because they made traffic hell!

The Indians move on horseback or camel.

The means of transport in India Clichés: In India-The means of transport in India

Of course, it’s wrong! It seems unlikely that a country sending a satellite on Mars, travel on earth on horseback and elephants as in the Middle Ages.

You are Indian so you speak English. Is not it ?

Having been colonized for more than a century by the English, India has retained a great British influence. English is even recognized as one of the official languages. This probably explains why a large part of the population is familiar with English and even if everyone does not speak fluently, you should not have too much trouble to make you understand. It will still get used to the accent that is at least as famous as the French accent.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire

The general opinion: it’s a good movie but it does not quite show the reality. Poverty is put forward and even exaggerated for the benefit of history (fiction). To see but not to believe 100%.

Clichés: In India – Once you have gone beyond all its stereotypes, your journey will become much more rewarding. If you are one of those who have always dreamed of traveling to India, do not waste time! An unforgettable experience awaits you!


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