Route & Reisebeschreibung

New Delhi,Delhi
Agra,Uttar Pradesh
Khajuraho,Madhya Pradesh
Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh
Havelock,Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Breitner family wanted to combine deep cultural impressions with a beach holiday on the beautiful Andaman Islands in their holiday in India. They contacted India Someday, because no group tour provider had their dream trip on offer. Besides, the three preferred to travel alone anyway. Since they were traveling to India for the first time, they did not know if their desired vacation plan would be feasible. In addition, the parents were worried that traveling with their young son (13 years old) could be too exhausting and potentially dangerous.

But we were able to reassure the parents on both counts. Thanks to the rather big budget, we suggested a North India round trip with a swimming extension on the paradise islands of the Andaman Islands. So the three could immerse themselves deeply in Indian culture, architecture and history. Then they also spent a lot of time together on the beach while bathing.

The round trip led from the culturally diverse provincial capital Delhi to Agra, where the young family was able to visit the world wound Taj Mahal. Then you traveled to Khajuraho. Although the famous temples here are rather famous for the not quite child-friendly reliefs that depict the Kamasutra. Nevertheless, all three were enthusiastic about the ancient architecture and also went on an excursion to the lesser-known, but very impressive Raneh waterfalls.

After that, the family took it to Varanasi. Here, the Breitners experienced the full force of Indian spirituality and history. After so much input, you again wanted a quiet place and so we have Jaisalmer installed. The desert village offers an insight into the desert life and impresses with a bustling well-preserved fort.

The tour led to Jaipur. The city’s architecture is breathtaking, filled with majestic forts, colorful palaces and countless temples. Since the Breitners also heard a lot about the well-preserved palace hotels in Rajasthan and did not want to miss anything here, we finally planned 700-year-old Hill Fort Kesroli in the Alwar region between Jaipur and Delhi. Here you will stay in a medieval environment with modern comforts – including a pool. A great end to the cultural tour! Afterwards we went by car back to Delhi, where the India round trip ended.

The direct flight from Delhi makes the journey to the Andaman Islands fast and relaxed. Once there, it finally said: Baden. On the palm-fringed sandy beaches, every everyday stress was forgotten. The physical activity was not too short. On several jungle walks all enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. The son even saw real turtles while snorkeling. All in all, the bath extension was the perfect way to complete an all-round long-distance trip.

In order not to make the first stage of the holiday too exhausting, India Someday mainly organized domestic flights over the long distances. In the towns we did not plan driver service, so the family was able to decide for themselves which sights they wanted to visit when and for how long and on which days they just wanted to relax by the pool. But we also like to book driver service – depending on how you plan your trip!

Did you like this route? Or do you have your own travel plans for India? We are happy to help! Tell us more about your plans here. We are happy to advise you on the phone.


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Tage 1-2    New Delhi
übernachtung Tree Of Life

Delhi is the capital of India, a city rich in history and culture. Delhi is not only an interesting place to visit but is also ideally located to travel to a lot of other worthwhile places to see in northern India. Delhi is known for it's excellent metro service so it's very easy to get from one place to another.

Tage 3-4    Agra
übernachtung Safarnama

Agra, most popularly known for the Taj Mahal, is a favorite amongst travellers. Agra is known for its beautiful monuments, courtyards and mosques. The Agra fort is a lesser known but also beautiful sight you must visit during your stay in Agra. The whole city offers that incomparable Mughal vibe and therefore a trip to Agra is worth it.

Tage 5-6    Khajuraho
übernachtung Syna Heritage Hotel

When a tiny but detailed carving at an ancient temple’s facade make you wonder how flexible the human body can be and what you missed out all those years then you know you are in Khajuraho. But there is much more to those temples than the Kamasutra displays so make sure you take your sweet time walking through the monuments.

Tage 7-8    Varanasi
übernachtung Aashray Homestay

Varanasi is not for the faint hearted.Its chaotic, crowded and surreal. You will either love it or hate it, but it will definitely blow your mind! Often referred to as the spiritual capital of India, it is the most important pilgrimage site of Hindus who come here to bathe in the holy river or perform funeral rites.

Tage 9-11    Jaisalmer
übernachtung The Gulaal

The golden desert city of Jaisalmer is one of the largest fully preserved fortified cities in the world and commands attention for its yellow-hued, imposing sandstone appearance, its beautiful old Havelis (mansions), colorful Temples and easy access to sand dunes.

Tage 12-13    Jaipur
übernachtung Diggi Palace

Painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1853, Rajasthan’s capital city is chock-full with forts, palaces and temples. Shopaholics can lap up traditional footwear, textiles, crafts and gems. Partake in several festivals including the Elephant Festival in spring, when pachyderms pout and prance around.

Tage 14-14    Alwar
übernachtung Hill Fort-Kesroli


Tage 15-21    Havelock
übernachtung Seashell Havelock