How We Work

A visit to India will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


We provide a helping hand to those who want to travel independently, but would like some assistance with planning and turning their dream holiday into reality. With no hidden costs and a highly personalized service, we can make sure that your Indian adventure is well thought out as well as cost-effective.


Whatever your preferred style of travel, we’ll use our extensive experience to make sure you won’t waste a single moment trying to navigate the vast expanse of India. Whether you want to sleep in dorm rooms or four poster beds, we can help you get there.

Fill a plan your trip from and we will get back to with more questoins or with a email confirming we have understood you and your travel preferences.

Once we hear back from you, we will send you a initial tarvel plan, and we can use this as a platfrom to discuss your trip further. There is no cost involved in getting the plan

We can modify the plan till you are satisfied with it. Once you confirm to use our services and confirm the plan, we then take a advance and ask you for your details to book trains and flights and hotels.

We confirm your bookings and send you vouchers and all confirmations. We also send you documents to prepare for India and tip documents for cities you are visiting. Once you are in India we are available 24 by 365 for any questions and operational hiccups you might have.

Our Philosophy


We help you plan all aspects of your trip, from which places to see to how to fit them into your timeframe. We help you plan the appropriate modes of transport and assist you with choosing the right blend of places to stay.


We aim to recommend places that we feel have their own unique charm and are run by friendly, welcoming hosts. We are also happy to book places that you have found on your own.


It is important to us that our guests are in control of their own budget and that all costs are transparent. In order to achieve this, we give our guests a complete breakdown of all costs including accommodation, transport and activities. We will never charge any add-on fees. The cost of any accommodation, transport or activities will always match those that you could find online.


We are your single point of contact for all of your bookings. Be it accommodation, trains, buses, flights or car hires. In addition, we will share with you all of our local knowledge, insights and experiences of traveling around India as well as all of the feedback with have collected from our guests over the years.


We love meeting our guests. Whenever possible, we make the time to meet up with any of our guests that pass through Mumbai.


Sustainable travel is the need of the hour, and we at India Someday recommend eco-resorts, environment-conscious tips, and sustainable modes of travel wherever we find them.

Meet The Team

Harsh Sonawala

(Co- Founder) Harsh Sonawala is the co founder of India Someday and since his childhood, he has travelled to different parts of India and the world. The thrill of travelling and sharing his experiences with others was the reason behind starting India Someday. Other than the office where he is conjuring up marketing ideas, he can be found scuba diving in the Andamans or relaxing in a chalet in the Himalayas.

Abbas Slatewala

(Co- Founder) While doing an internship in Brussels, Belgium in 2009, Abbas was often greeted by ‘Oh! I want to go to India Someday’ when he would say he was from India. He loves trekking and showing his multi-layered country to travellers. Abbas manages operations and trip experiences at India Someday, never misses watching a cricket match and will usually be seen coaxing his team into trying his new green smoothies!

Rahul Joshi

(Head of Accounting & Finance) Rahul is the life of the party and long standing pillar of India Someday. Our Head of Accounting & Finance loves to dance his heart out. You wouldn't want to get in a dance off with him. He is also our in-house actor and a die hard cricket fan, with India and England being his favourite teams. He is fond of travelling, but feels like he hasn't travelled as much as he would want to. However, we are sure that once he goes on that travel spree, the world will be his home.